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Exceed Worldwide, known as 'Exceed', supports people with disabilities living in poverty by providing free Prosthetic and Orthotic (P&O) services in South and Southeast Asia. It does this by:

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Equipping - Exceed trains Prosthetist Orthotists (POs) to international standards at 5 P&O schools. At rehabilitation clinics linked to these schools, POs make and fit artificial limbs (prostheses) and supports (orthoses) for those least able to pay for these life changing services.

Enabling  - Training POs enables them to provide P&O treatment through which people with disabilities gain or regain mobility and a pathway to opportunity. Additional community-based support enables children, young people and adults with disabilities to access education and training, gain employment and take part in society on equal terms. 

Empowering - With growing confidence and self-esteem, the people Exceed supports often become role models and self-advocates for people with disabilities and their rights.

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You can watch more videos about Exceed, our schools and clinics, students and service users, and much more on our YouTube channel.

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