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Exceed Myanmar has two main projects at present:  

Proudly supported by the Nippon Foundation

Proudly supported by the Nippon Foundation

P&O Training: A department of Prosthetics & Orthotics within a local university, run by the Ministry of Health which offers a four-year degree course in P&O. This course will be taught in English to ISPO Category 2 standard, by an international team led by Cambodian graduates from CSPO. Of the fifteen students in the first intake thirteen are female and six have transferred from the University of Medical Technology in Mandalay, Myanmar’s second city.

P&O Clinics: Exceed supports the P&O clinic run by the Ministry of Health at the National Rehabilitation Hospital, Yangon. A team of six POs provide clinical services and assist the CSPO graduate who is in charge of the facility.

A third project is underway to open and operate a P&O clinic in Mandalay, with The Nippon Foundation obtaining the assistance of the Japanese embassy to fund the construction of a new building at the Mandalay Orthopaedic Hospital. Clinical services could begin there as early as 2016.

Exceed has developed a model of P&O education which has now been modified for use in five countries. In Myanmar the fruits of our investment are beginning to be harvested with Cambodian graduates managing these projects, and ensuring a smooth handover to colleagues. In turn, as the projects in Myanmar expand, opportunities may become available to graduates of other partner schools, particularly in Sri Lanka, where management posts in Myanmar would help to further develop the skills of their graduates. The use of Category 2 POs from Indonesia has been very successful and allowed these relatively recent graduates to gain a wide range of experience.


Partnerships are essential to the local delivery of the work of Exceed: In Myanmar projects operate through the Ministry of Health, which takes on the essential function of arranging visas for expats and the duty free importation of equipment and materials.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which has been active in Myanmar for many years, remains a key partner. The organisation has taken an active role in forming a Myanmar branch of ISPO, which will hopefully become a key player in the future development of the P&O profession in the country.

Future Projects & Events

In addition to the Mandalay project our Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) covers the establishment of a further P&O centre in Shan state, Lashio. This project will begin once the Mandalay centre is opened.

Currently there are five students from Myanmar studying at CSPO in Cambodia to become Prosthetist Orthotists. We hope to select the best of these graduates as future P&O lecturers in Myanmar, once Category 1 upgrade training is completed. The first of these Category 2 graduates returns in October, which will enable us to begin to reduce the number of expat POs in favour of Myanmar nationals.

Project Director: Michael Scott   

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