Creating possibilities, exceeding expectations, futures without limits.


Working in partnerships to deliver high quality, sustainable services that equip, enable and empower persons with disabilities.


Our core values are; People - Excellence - Partnerships

• We value people  

• We aim for excellence

• We work in partnerships

PEOPLE: People are at the core of what we do. We respect the dignity, uniqueness and value of our clients, staff, volunteers, donors, Board members and all other partners. Our style is participative and enabling. We actively encourage the professional and personal development of our staff.

 EXCELLENCE: Excellence is achieved through a culture that embraces quality standards and continuous improvement. Passion, leadership, education and empowerment are key aspects of establishing and maintaining this approach.

 PARTNERSHIPS: Our impact is dependent upon the partnerships we forge. We achieve sustainability of quality services through building solid, honest partnerships with like-minded organisations and individuals who support the values and work of Exceed.